In line with our Mission, Tillotts Pharma strives to offer medicinal treatments that are more efficiently and conveniently administered for chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The primary benefits for developing innovative formulations are to improve the efficiency with which an active ingredient is delivered to the site of action, to reduce or eliminate side effects and to minimise drug accumulation associated with prolonged dosing1. Another potential advantage of controlled drug therapy is to improve dosing convenience and, ultimately, to increase adherence. In fact, several studies have shown that patients receiving multi-tablet maintenance therapy have low adherence to medication, putting them at greater risk of relapse2.

Based on an in-depth knowledge of the digestive system, Tillotts Pharma offers innovative controlled release technologies to address intestinal targeted delivery in the challenging conditions of IBD:

The OPTICORE™ technology3 is suitable for any type of solid dosage forms, including larger single unit formulations. This system is designed to ensure colon targeted delivery especially in challenging conditions like ulcerative colitis.
The ECX™ controlled release technology4 is particularly suitable for multi-particulate dosage forms. This system is designed to ensure targeted drug release in the ileum, the ascending and transverse colon.

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3. OPTICORE™ (patents pending) has been developed by Tillotts Pharma, based on the Phloral™ technology. The rights to the OPTICORE™ (patents pending) technology, including the rights to the trademark, are owned by Tillotts Pharma AG in various countries.
4. The rights to the ECX™ technology, including the rights to the trademark, are owned by Tillotts Pharma AG in various countries except for the USA.